Bike Route and Preparations

April 5th. 22 days to start of ride

Bike Route 3452 miles Costa Mesa, CA to Amesbury MABike Route
Total vertical feet climbed: 110,870.

With 3 weeks left until the ride starts, final preparations have begun. Clothing is being selected in anticipation of the vagaries of spring weather conditions. Equipment for the bike including many replacement parts for brakes, spokes, derailleurs, cables and inner tubes ( plenty of flats are expected ), a new helmet, sunglasses to fit over my glasses and running daylights for the front and back of the bike are purchased. The bike will have a complete overhaul and then be shipped out on the 19th to Costa Mesa. Computer, cellphone, camera, a Garmin to upload the daily bike route and all connecting cables must be reviewed.

Of course, buy plenty of sunscreen and lip cream with spf of at least 35 or higher. ( Yes, with my liberal application of sun screen, I must supplement my Vitamin D levels. As a physician, I’ve biopsied many moles and skin growths for skin cancer – so I know I must protect my skin) I will also buy electrolyte supplement for my water to replenish the electrolytes I lose in sweat. We drink at least a bottle of water every hour while biking, more depending on the heat and humidity.

Other considerations include regular sleep. During the trip, we’re up by 5:30 for an early breakfast and toileting before getting the suitcase out to the van by 6:30. The daily ride starts at 7 am.

Of course, good hydration and nutrition is needed now. And above all, don’t get sick – friends and family with the latest virus have been laid low for weeks. Don’t want to start a long distance ride the flu.