Day 3 Ride Across America

In retrospect, Day 3 will be remembered as a steady effort on our first day in AZ. 5 miles into our ride, Interstate 10 crosses the Colorado river, the border between CA and AZ at that point. Our first saguaro cactus was seen at 5 miles inside the AZ border. We had two steady climbs of about 2 percent grade for a total of 51.5 miles and a wind coming from the south east. We saw the town of Hope – see photo below. The sign has been repainted and now correctly spells, “You’re”, having corrected the earlier, “Your” spelling. After the two long climbs, much of the remaining 50 miles was on a plateau – with farmlands extending to the foothills on either side. Finally, a steady 8 mile decline of about 2 percent led us to Wickenburg which resides at 2,000 feet elevation. See video with altitude on the top left corner.

As Mike told us, check your tires at every rest stop. At our 2nd sage stop, I found a thorn in the tire and when I pulled it out, the inner tube went flat. Fortunately, it was at the sage stop and the tube was quickly replaced and not on the road.

As the front desk clerk at our Wickenburg hotel checked me in, she asked me about my Growing Through Grief jersey. I explained the program and my fundraiser. “My mother died by suicide when I was 14 years old. I didn’t deal with it until I was in my 30’s. I wish they had a program like this (Growing Through Grief) when I was in school”

Tomorrow will be our biggest challenge with 3 large hill climbs – above 7000 feet before heading down into Prescott. From there we continue our descent into Cottonwood for the night.

Please click on Relive “Day 3 Ride Across America” and then click again on the next line that pops up. As the Garmin was being recharged due to a low battery issue, it did not record – so a straight line appears on the video where there is no road. Sorry for any confusion this causes.

Relive ‘Day 3 Ride Across America’

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