Day 9 – Ride Across America

Quotation about a Growing Through Grief experience:

It has been a positive experience for us. She has even made some very close friends through the grief group with girls who are experiencing the same emotions as she is. It has been crucial in our healing. – GTG Student Parent

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Albuquerque to Las Vegas, NM, at 138 miles our longest ride. We started with a steady climb out of the city heading east along parts of the old Route 66 trail. At the higher altitudes, we could see evergreen shrub covered hills on both sides of the road. These hills gave way to a beautiful, verdant valley on the north side of the road – see a picture of it in the video. (also, a picture of a decorated ranch gate) We continued to climb on NM State 14, also called Turquoise Trail that led us through the the artist’s colony of Madrid. (See photo of Zebra on home in video) An old mining town known for anthracite coal and more recently the film, Wild Hogs, shot on location in 2007.

We continued to climb along Turquoise Trail heading for Santa Fe. Farms had become artist’s gardens, especially as we reached the bedroom communities in the outskirts of Santa Fe. Outdoor sculpture and adobe style homes dotted the landscape. We had lunch at 1:30, at mile 79, in a Fire Station. We reached the highest point at mile 90, at 7599 feet and began our long, mostly downhill course to our hotel at mile 137 in the small town of Las Vegas. We finished riding at 6:30 – nearly 11 and 1/2 hours after we started.

This blog is notably short- it is already late and I’m exhausted. Nonetheless, I wanted to update you on the day and offer the video below to share the topography of the ride with you. You can pause the video to look at the pictures. Place your cursor near the bottom of the screen and a pause button should appear on the left side. After clicking on it, an arrow will replace the pause icon and clicking on the arrow will resume the video.