Day 21 – Ride Across America for GTG, Rest Day in Springfield,IL

Sometimes my daughter will share what she worked on with the grief counselor at school, and then we all talk about it as a family.  It becomes a way we can process our grief together – vital for us to move forward.                                  – GTG Parent



For me, the above quotation speaks to the heart of the matter for a child grieving the loss of a family member or classmate. Their grief and loss is a personal, complex and long lasting experience, but it affects the people around them as well. For some family members, they may not be able to help the child if they themselves are also grieving. For others, they may not have the experience and wisdom to help a child process the thoughts and emotions of grief – at the child’s stage of development. So, as in the quotation above, Growing Through Grief counselors help support the grieving child and, indirectly, help the family members as they interact with each other and manage their grief as well. We are so fortunate to have this unique program for our school aged children.

Thankfully, today we can rest, catch up on necessities like laundry, buy supplies for the bike or ourselves and make good personal choices for food for lunch and dinner! This is the first large town we’ve been in for the past three states and I’m looking forward to a good fish dinner and vegetables! I will also check out the Lincoln Presidential Museum and family home.

At Rap yesterday, Mike, our team lead, introduced plans for our last day. We will have a small banquet, a slide show presentation selected from the many photos he’s taken of us and a chance for each rider to say goodbye. The next morning, I will have my bike boxed up and shipped back home.

The technical issue for the video has been resolved. Please see yesterday’s Relive video below. Then, please scroll down for a few more photos.

Having fun in Texas.