Day 23 – Ride Across America for GTG, Tuscola, IL to Lebanon, IN

…the program has tremendously helped my son in his grief journey. I see the difference in him on the days that he has grief group.                    – GTG Student Parent


Our ride started at 7 am with a temperature of 52 degrees and it was 56 degrees at the end of our day.  Overcast, with a cool wind of 15 mph from the northwest, we headed more north than east for the first 40 miles. It was a tough morning as we pedaled into a northwest wind.   I added layers of clothing at the first sag to help warm me, but I was chilled all day.  We crossed into Indiana and a later time zone at the 61 mile mark.  Our quick lunch was at 77.8 miles – not wanting to stay long since we were outdoors and easily chilled in the wind.  The wind was behind us in the afternoon, but it had subsided and was not much help to push us to the hotel.  Finally, at 4:30, we arrived at the hotel in time for a short warm shower and  Rap.   Tomorrow, it may well be raining in the am and we will be headed into a 15 mph headwind throughout the day.

W passed through many small towns along the route with much if it on Hwy 136 and then 32 E, both two lane roads with 55 mph speed limits and lots of traffic.  Some of the towns were pretty, well maintained and colorful.  Others were in various degrees of decay with old worn out buildings ready for the bulldozer.  Many buildings were being used for a purpose that was not the original intent of the architect and builder.  For instance, the sports bar in Lebanon where we had dinner had brick walls and a high ceiling.  It was built in the ’40s and the trains brought prisoners of war to the area and American troops home after the war – according to the new owner.

My apologies, but I am having technical issues with my Garmin and the programs that sync it to my computer.  Thus, I do not have a video to show you our route and photos from today.  I hope to have it in the coming days.  Thank you for your patience.