Day 4 Ride across America

Starting in Wickenburg this am, we had 3 large climbs followed by wonderful descents on the other side. Our first climb was to Yarnell Pass at 4850 feet. We saw signs for the ‘Hot Shot’ firefighters, 19 young men from Prescott, who died in the Yarnell Fire, June 30, 2013. From there we had a beautiful descent to the valley filled with ranches, prairie grasses and scrub trees. A slow, steady ascent lead to our next hill top just beyond the town of Wihoit where we had lunch.

Our next city was Prescot, a busy town where all of us had an unpleasant encounter from drivers. Following more riding on the highway, we turned onto 89A. It took us up Mingus Mtn with a summit for traffic of 7023. Then a fast descent with technical turns for most of the next 7 miles. So much that my hands cramped from the intermittent breaking to control the bike. We stopped for a nice sandwich at the Haunted Hamburger restaurant in Jerome with a commanding view of the valley below. Then, a step descent the the valley below Jerome and another 7 miles to our hotel in Cottonwood.

During our trip we have enjoyed the multitude of scents from crops, vegetation, fruit trees and flowering plants. Today, we enjoyed the lovely scents of sun warmed pines, Pepper grass, farm crops like alfalfa and spring flowers. A reminder for me that biking does bring me closer to nature.

Today, we biked 111 miles with 8,700 vertical feet of climbing. I can honestly say, I feel sore everywhere! Tomorrow, up for 5:30 breakfast and start by 6:15. We are tired and it will be a long ride through Sedona, Flagstaff before ending in Winslow. So, I’ll put my legs up for a few minutes to help with lymphatic drainage and then head off to bed.

At this time, I do not have the Relive video of today’s ride and photos. I will try to get it by tomorrow. Thanks for your understanding.

6 thoughts on “Day 4 Ride across America”

  1. So sad to read that drivers were not courteous to you in Prescott. I am praying for continued endurance, strength and stamina on your journey…but most of all for your SAFETY!


  2. What a long day! Tiring just reading about it. Your friends at the Fix are thinking of you. I was there on Tuesday and we talked about your rides (and impressive distances) and Nancy and Allison both wish you a safe and exciting journey. I hope your body gets used to these distances and they don ‘t feel so long over time. You must be eating a lot!


  3. You are bringing back so many good memories of the first week on FAS in 2016, thanks Jeff! I also remember the suffering too, but you know that the body is a remarkable thing and it will rise to the challenge. I recommend a few Blue Moons to help with the lymphatic drainage…


  4. You are an amazing story teller, Jeff, and I am enjoying your posts. Biking up in the mountains sounds very difficult and I am glad some roads are downhill. I especially enjoyed Day 2 as I am very familiar with Highway 111 from Palm Springs to La Quinta when I visit my son in Palm Desert. Take care and I am in awe of what you are doing to help Growing Through Grief!


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