Day 13 – Ride across America, Liberal to Dodge City, KS.

“It helps me take a break and get all my stress and grief off my chest.  It helps me get over losses that I witnessed.” – GTG High School Student


Cool and dry this am, we biked to a local pancake house for breakfast. Our route was simple, 61 miles on Hwy 54 to Minneola and then Hwy 283 N to Dodge City and our hotel at 83.3 miles for the day. Our headwind was present throughout the day, but it was about 8 mph much of the time. Most of the land we passed was farmland: winter wheat was already knee high, corn stalks from last year waiting for tilling and recently planted land. Please see photos of the beautiful, endless fields of wheat in the video. Todd’s relatives are farmers in the Dakotas. They do migrant harvesting work, bringing their enormous combines to Oklahoma in spring to harvest fields and travel northward as the crops ripen until they reach home..

In large fields, we also saw many wind turbines, perhaps hundreds, placed in groups, not scattered about. Yellow crop dusters were active spraying the fields with chemicals.

The Highways were very busy, especially with cattle related semi-trucks. Kansas is the largest cattle producing state and 1/4 of the beef produced is near Dodge City. Cattle brought to feed lots weigh in at 700 lb and leave 120- 140 days later weighing 1200 lb.

Dodge City is known for being a frontier town of the wild West in the past and maintains a good tourist industry based on that history. Unfortunately, we will not have time to visit all the sites before we leave in the early morning.

Please check out the video of today’s ride and also the photos below.

Texas Waffle from Dalhart, TX

5 thoughts on “Day 13 – Ride across America, Liberal to Dodge City, KS.”

  1. Sounds as if it was a more pleasant ride today. The pictures and description suggest a nice day. Have a great day on the bike.


  2. Love the farmland description and the pictures – especially the Texas waffle. Great energy today – thanks for sharing everyday! Wonderful adventures!!


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